The Normal Christian Persecution

Walter Art Museum – Public Domain

Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.    (2Tim. 3:12)

Watch Here: „The Coming Christian Persecution“

What’s coming…

  1. Persecution – or great awakening?
  2. What should YOU do if you get persecuted?
  3. Is Persecution coming? How do we prepare?
  4. Persecution: A price to pay for being a Christian
  5. It will cost you everything
  6. The Power of persecution
  7. James White’s 5 years prediction for the church
  8. The Only Way to Happiness: Endure Persecution (Part 1)
  9. The Only Way to Happiness: Endure Persecution (Part 2)
  10. How long?
  11. 5 Reasons to Rejoice in Persecution
  12. Persecution – Walk like a Pilgrim!

Misc. Articles

  1. Persecution – Here is how you can avoid it!
  2. Holiness and Resistance
  3. Four responses to the coming persecution
  4. Great Awakening — or Persecution?
  5. Being a Christian — What does it cost you today!
  6. Proclaiming the exclusivity of Jesus Christ WILL result in persecution!
  7. What will it truly cost YOU to follow Christ?
  8. Here I stand…!        …And You?

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