The Worlds Richest Treasure – Der größte Schatz der Welt

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Henry Law, „Beacons of the Bible“ 1869*

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The Bible is the richest treasure of the world!

Without it, the palace is a dark blank.

With it, the poor cottage sparkles with celestial light.

  • It is the transcript of God’s heart.
  • It tells what human reason is too weak to find.
  • It is pure truth without one shadow of error.
  • It gives knowledge on all things needful for time and for eternity.
  • It is a safe guide through life’s entangled path.
  • It is a compass . . .
    through shoals and rocks;
    amid winds and waves;
    to Heaven’s eternal rest!

  • The sage is ignorant without it.
  • The peasant learns from it salvation’s road.
  • It is a solace for every hour.
  • It is a companion always ready to converse.
  • It cheers when other comforts fail.
  • It is arrayed in every charm for the intellect.
  • It never wearies.
  • It is always fresh.
  • Its oldest truths cannot grow old.
  • Its readers become more wise–and more holy.
  • Other books may puzzle and corrupt.
  • The Bible is from Heaven, and leads to Heaven.
  • It enters the heart with purifying grace.

  • The more you search the Bible – the more your minds will wonder, and your hearts will love.
  • Read it as literally true. – Then no human philosophy will beguile you.
  • Ponder its characters. – You will find on them the intrinsic stamp of truth.

„The Bible is . . .

  • an armory of heavenly weapons,
  •  a pharmacy of infallible medicines,
  •  a mine of exhaustless wealth,
  •  a guidebook for every road,
  •  a chart for every sea,
  •  a medicine for every malady,
  •  and a balm for every wound!

Rob us of our Bible, and our sky has lost its sun!“ (Thomas Guthrie)

Oh, how I love Your Law! I meditate on it all day long!“ Psalm 119:97

Your Words were found, and I ate them–and Your Word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart!“ Jeremiah 15:16


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