A Funeral Service – Sermon and Songs (Part 1/3)

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In loving memory of the nine members of the John Esh family who died in a tragic accident in March 2010. Many lives were touched when eleven people were suddenly transported into the realm of eternity by means of a head-on collision. We call it a tragic accident. But in God’s eyes everything  has a purpose.

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Johny Miller’s Funeral Message:

What is Life? What is Death?

I’d like to share a meditation this morning. What is death, and what is life? Looking at these eight caskets before us, the magnitude of what has happened leaves us awestruck. Intellectually we’ve accepted that fact that death has visited us in a mighty way. But where are our feelings? Where are our emotions as we walk through this? Where is the deep understanding of it? Where are we in this? What really is death? What is life?

These questions echo in our hearts and minds, and we struggle to understand. I think, in order to understand death, we must first understand life. We must get a picture of life from God’s perspective. And so I’d like to read how life began.

Genesis 2:7 says, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living soul.” God formed man from the dust of the ground. It is so simply put, and yet so profound that we cannot grasp it.  Can you imagine God, bending over, taking the dust of the ground that he had created, and actually forming it into a body?

The mind of God conceived the circulatory system, and the brain and all of its functions. God designed it! And there, in Genesis, we read of that body that God made. But it did not have life; it was inanimate.

Then God did something very personal. God bent over and breathed into that inanimate body. And when the Spirit of God was breathed into him, he became a living soul. We call that life.

So then, what is death? Death is the reverse of that process. And Ecclesiastes tells us that upon death, that dust shall return to the earth as it was.  You see, our bodies are made from the earth. We are earthly. Earthly things cannot enter heaven. So in order for us to enter heaven, we have to drop this earthly body. And we call that death.

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