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Do we realize what price was paid for our sins, rebellion, anarchy and foolish pride? It cost God His only Son. You who have children, would you sacrifice your only son or daughter for Clifford Olson? How about Charles Manson? Exactly! We can’t comprehend the idea of sacrificing our precious children for anyone let alone an enemy of society. But this is exactly what God did for us, He gave His Son up for us and our depravity, sin and pride.

The question we always want to ask is “Why? I didn’t ask Him to do it? I don’t need His sacrifice to give me happiness, anyway. I can find my own way…” Really? When someone says this to me, or I hear someone saying this on the radio where they have been lifted up as an “intellectual”, I have to laugh to myself. FOOLS! Have you not the faintest idea of how mortal you truly are?

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