Being a Berean (7) Every Believer’s Responsibility

John MacArthur

If you’re like most Christians, you probably have a consistent Sunday morning routine. Maybe you rush to church in time to greet your friends, grab some coffee, make your way to your regular seat, and settle in just in time for worship. Your pattern may look different, but it’s fairly certain you have one you stick to.

But when it comes to the routine of corporate worship in your local church, do you think much about your responsibility in your Sunday services? I’m not talking about stacking chairs and handing out bulletins—it’s a responsibility that every believer shares. And sadly, today, very few fulfill.

What is this responsibility? We’ll let John MacArthur explain. (Watch the brief two-minute video message above!)

For the last  weeks, we’ve been looking at a biblical plan to develop that Berean mindset. Next time, we’ll consider how to put it to work in protecting God’s sheep from the wolves.

–>Part 1                                                                                                      –>Part 8


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