What’s Coming (9) – The Only Way to Happiness: Endure Persecution (Part 2)

“Maybe at the present the authorities smile on the church of God; but within a while it may frown, and the storm of persecution arise. There was a time when the churches had ‘rest throughout all Judea’ (Acts 9:31). It was a blessed time. But how long did it last? Alas! not long.”

William Gurnall (1617 – 79)

John MacArthur:

I want you to open your Bible to Matthew chapter 5.

Some time ago I was reading an article in a national magazine and that article talked about the fact that people are seeking happiness. And there was a some kind of a survey done. All of the information data was gathered from the survey by the people in the magazine, I believe it was Cosmopolitan Magazine. And it was studied by some psychologists who then yielded their findings. And the findings of the psychologists from the survey that was done by the magazine indicated that true happiness is found by those who find personal fulfillment apart from any self-sacrifice, who reach the goals that they establish for their own life and see their ambitions fulfilled and their desires gratified.

And you know what? I think that’s probably accurate. I think if you look at the world around you, that’s exactly the way they operate. And even those people who were surveyed who did not experience that and therefore really couldn’t speak first hand about happiness could at least say…“Well, we assume that’s where it is to be found.“   [Continue reading here]

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