We Will Not Bow! Will YOU?


Caleb Kolstadt*

Throughout his ministry, Martin Lloyd-Jones frequently preached sermons on the state of English culture and society. These messages, known as the “Knowing the Times” sermons, became a vital part of his pastorate as he equipped his flock to understand the Bible and gave them practical principles for living in a fallen world. Nothing from Downy Street every caught the Lord by surprise, and these messages (he called them “occasional addresses”) were his way of encouraging his congregation to view their culture through a biblical-lens.

Last Sunday, Pastor John MacArthur delivered a prophetic word that immediately reminded me of those “Logic On Fire” Lloyd-Jones addresses. At the evening message, MacArthur began by telling the congregation that while much that is very helpful has already been said regarding the recent legalization of same-sex “marriage,” he wanted to give additional clarity (you can listen to the message here and read it here on „Preachers & Preaching“ ).

He began by pointing out that our country often delineates our history through acts of terror and war. But he wanted us to know that in his opinion, the two biggest acts of terror our country have faced are both from our Supreme Court: the legalization of abortion, and now the legalization of SSM („same sex marriage“). How are those two connected? Well, the first attacks mothers, and second attacks families. The first means moms without kids, and the second means kids without moms.  

This country talks a lot about terrorist attacks—and rightly so. Almost anybody in America can give you some kind of a listing of the most destructive acts of terror that have happened in our country. But let me suggest to you this: The two greatest attacks of terror on America were perpetrated by the Supreme Court. Not by any Muslim, but by the Supreme Court of the United States. The first one was the legalizing of

abortion. Subsequent to that, there have been millions of babies slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers. It’s incalculable to even comprehend that. The blood of those lives cries out from the ground for divine vengeance on this nation.

The second great act of terror perpetrated by the Supreme Court was the legalization of same-sex marriage. The destruction of human life in the womb—in a sense, the destruction of motherhood—and now the destruction of the family itself. No bomb, no explosion, no attack, and no assault on people physically can come anywhere near that kind of terrorism. Our country is being terrorized by the people most responsible to protect it—those who are to uphold the law.”

The responsibility for both of these decisions lies with Supreme Court. Those who have been appointed to protect our country are willing leading to the destruction of the family.

Why would they do that? Well, MacArthur pointed out that every Justice knows what the Bible says about marriage, but five of them just reject it. They know what the Bible says about sin, but they choose to celebrate that, rather than repent from it.

Historically, American government has allowed an usual (by comparison) amount of religious freedom. Thus, while most of the world lives under overt religious oppression, the United States has been relatively successful in allowing our culture some semblance of biblical morality. But, MacArthur pointed out, religious freedom is not what God has promised us. Jesus (John 16:33), Paul (2 Tim 3:12) and Peter (1 Peter 4:12-19) all remind us not to take our freedoms for granted, and warn us that persecution is what awaits.

MacArthur reminded the congregation that almost every form of sexual perversion is described in the first half of Genesis.  In other words, voyeurism, incest, adultery, fornication, and homosexuality is nothing new (see Genesis 3-19).  The Bible teaches that sexual sin and corrupt human nature go hand in hand.  We live in a fallen world of men who are lost and ruined by the fall (note Ephesian 2:1-3, Colossians 1:21-23, Jude 4-25).

This is important because of the purpose of the family. God has designed families to be small unit that represents his nature and work with creation. Inside of the family is the care of the father, the nurturing of the mother, and the joy of children. All of this is built around a covenant, and this is exactly how God relates to his creation.

Meanwhile Satan works to destroy everything that God has designed to be good and noble.  If you read through Genesis you will quickly notice that marriage and family have been in the Devil’s cross-hairs for a very long time. In order to uphold God’s original design for gender, sex, and marriage the Lord gave His people a number of regulations (note Deuteronomy 22:5; 23:1 and Leviticus 18:22).  These instructions are clearly reiterated in the New Testament (see Romans 1:18-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-20).

To make matters worse a majority of Supreme Court justices have now legalized that which the Bible clearly calls an “abomination” (note Romans 1:18-32).  Woe to those who call evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).

But what is the goal? The goal of the SSM marriage movement is to further the goal of the abortion culture: the end of the family. As long as there are families on earth, there is conviction in the heart of the sinner. Every family is a beacon of God’s nature, and a reminder of God’s covenant. Thus the goal of the culture that rejects God is to destroy marriage, destroy children, and finally make every child the property of the government, not the family. You already see that today: the government determines what our kids learn, and when they learn it. The goal here is to eradicate any concept of God from our world.
Yet the thrust of the message was not condemnation. MacArthur clearly wanted to encourage believers, and so he ended with  2 Thessalonians 1:3-10.  In this rich passage, the Thessalonian believers are warmly commended for their “perseverance and faith” in the midst of persecution and afflictions.  Apparently this faithful congregation endured many hardships for the cause of Jesus Christ. Paul wants these believers to find relief in the doctrine of the second coming of Christ.

Paul tried to comfort the Thessalonians by assuring them that judgment will be merciless to those who reject the mercies of God in Christ.

We should be compassionate to homosexuals in our culture. Our compassion is rooted in the knowledge that God’s judgement is coming. Christians who are truly compassionate will warn lost sinners to “flee from the wrath of God” that is to come (see Psalm 2; Matthew 3:7; 2 Peter 3:1-10).

Amen. Come quickly Lord Jesus! 


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