A test of sincerity – Examination of one’s profession of faith in Christ (By Thomas Brooks – 1608-1680)

john_hendryx   (From Thomas Brook’s book „A Cabinet of Jewels“:)

The first great work that men are to attend to in this world is the eternal safety and security of their souls; the next great work is to know, to be assured, that it shall go well with their souls for ever. A man may have grace, and yet, for a time, not know it; he may have a saving work of God upon his soul, and yet not discern it; he may have the root of the matter in him, and yet not be able to evidence it.

Many, whose graces are weak and much buried under fears, doubts, strong passions, prevailing corruptions, or diabolic suggestions, are inclined to suspect their weak grace, fearing that on account of the deceitfulness of their hearts they will be found to be insincere before God; but the weakest Christian may turn to the clear and well-bottomed evidences in this treatise, and throw the gauntlet to Satan and bid him prove if he can, that ever any profane person, any self-flatterer, any cunning hypocrite under heaven had such evidences, or such fair certificates to show for heaven as he has to show.

Several have observed to my hand how far a hypocrite may go, but my design in this treatise is to show how far a hypocrite can not go. Some have showed what a hypocrite is, and I shall now show what he is not. Some have showed the several rounds in Jacob’s ladder that a hypocrite may climb up to, but my business and work in this treatise is to show you the several rounds in Jacob’s ladder that no hypocrite under heaven can climb up to.“

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