Coming to Christ – a Supernatural Salvation

A. W. Pink  (1886-1952)

“Coming to Christ” is not the easy matter so many imagine it, nor so simple a thing as most preachers represent it to be.

Instead of its so being, the incarnate Son of God positively declares that such an act is utterly impossible to a fallen and depraved creature unless and until Divine power is brought to bear upon him. A most pride-humbling, flesh-withering, man-abasing word is this.

“Coming to Christ” is a far, far different thing from raising your hand to be prayed for by some Protestant “priest,” coming forward and taking some cheap-jack evangelist’s hand, signing some “decision” card, uniting with some “church,” or any other of the “many inventions” ( Ecclesiastes 7:29) of man.

Before any one can or will “come to Christ” the understanding must be supernaturally enlightened, the heart must be supernaturally changed, the stubborn will must be supernaturally broken.

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