The Art of Man-Fishing – In Order to Honor God

Abandon the Soul-Murdering Way!

by Mike Riccardi*

This week I’ve been reading Thomas Boston’s classic, The Art of Man-Fishing (see HERE).

Boston was a Scottish Puritan in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The book is basically his own meditations and personal exhortations to himself (he often addresses himself as, “O my soul”) on ministry. Particularly, Boston was concerned that he, as a preacher, would not forget our charge to be consistently preaching the Gospel even in our Sunday morning sermons. Boston understood that the Sunday gathering is not an evangelistic rally, but rather a time for the worship of God by the assembly of the redeemed and the edification of the saints for the work of the ministry. Nevertheless, he saw it as the preacher’s responsibility to not assume that all who come to church are already saved, and so he preached repentance from sin and faith in Christ every chance he had ...[continue reading HERE]


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