How Intelligent Are You?


This is a question that I have asked many people who do not believe in the existence of God.

Those you run across on your travels whether they be friends, family or co workers. We all have them and they can be frustrating to talk to. Logic means nothing to the things of God especially human logic, for it is always tainted with sin and ego.

Now, those self-professing “free thinkers” think that they know all things so this is a great way to nail them down and show their intellectual inadequacies…if you will.

Of course, this question will go over like a lead balloon if they are dishonest, but if they can be honest with you for a couple of minutes then at least you can get them thinking.

“Do you know everything?”

At this point, hopefully they can be honest and say no. If they say yes, then just walk away for they are a waste of time.

They might say, “heavens no…”

Start at 75% and as they shake their head, keep going down. Eventually you will get to about 5%.

“Do you then think that you know 5% of everything in the entire universe? That which we can see and that which we have no idea about?”

Honestly speaking the smartest men to ever live probably knew about .1% out of everything, and that’s being liberal. So 5% is being extremely generous.

“Let’s say you know 5% out of all the sciences, geography, astronomy, mathematics…etc. Everything that we know and that which we haven’t even discovered yet. 5% of everything.”

Right now they are feeling silly for taking such high praise, but they go along with it all wondering what your point may be.

“Then that means that out of the 95% you DO NOT KNOW, God could exist?”

Hmmm…they will look at you scrabbling in their brains to find an answer to you, but alas they won’t find any. They might start coming up with philosophical questions to try to fill in the empty spaces, but keep them on tract.

Let’s say you have a table with a hundred cups on it, all upside down. You have been allowed to turn five over, that’s it. Could you accurately say that the other 95 cups had nothing under them just by flipping over 5? An atheist will say that he can tell by turning over only five cups that they other 95 have nothing under them. This of course, it ludicrous.

Honestly speaking anyone would have to admit that they could not tell what was under the other 95 without guessing. And that’s exactly what atheists do, they guess that there is no God. They don’t want to admit that He exists and so they make up their minds that He doesn’t. It’s like sticking your head in the sand and pretending that a rhino isn’t charging you. just because you choose not to believe in something, doesn’t make it go away anymore than basing your findings on five cups rather than flipping over all the cups and making an informed decision.

It gets down to choice. People for the most part are selfish and want their way. Mankind wants to be in control. Men don’t want God to exist for in admitting to His existence, they would have to bow to His rules. They would have to admit to a higher power than they, and that’s just plain unthinkable. Men have been programmed to believe that there is no higher power than himself, and he is the master of his own destiny. To admit to someone higher and more intelligent than he, would be a serious blow to his ego.

So in closing, there is no way to assume the 95 cups have anything under them and to live one’s life as if he can, is literal suicide and hopefully, in your travels you can get some people thinking about God and hopefully the Holy Spirit will guide you into these situations to bring them to their knees.

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt , they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

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