The Church is in Trouble – Its Main Problem Today…

The church is in trouble — that’s what they say anyways.  The main problem is that

  1. most of what they call the church is not the church, and
  2. the true church is not quite as in trouble as everybody thinks.

As a matter of fact, the true church today is absolutely beautiful—she’s glorious, she’s humble, she’s broken, and she’s confessing her sin.

The problem is what everybody’s calling the church today isn’t the church.

Basically, by and large, what’s called the church today is nothing more than a bunch of unconverted church people with unconverted pastors.

Paul Washer        —        (re-blogged from A PARTICULAR BAPTIST BLOG)

Always remember, that the “church” we see on every corner, the “church” we see on TV, the “church” we hear about who’s powerless, dead and lifeless is indeed not the church. They are the unsaved, the hypocritical, the fake. They think they are the saved. They think they are God’s children. They are not. They live a religious lie and fill their lives with experience rather than submission. They turn to programs and self help rather than surrenderedness.

The true church is just fine. They have been chosen by the hand of God to be saved and are safe in His hands. They grow, live and breathe as He sees fit. The fake church cannot repent or “come back to life”, as it were, because that is not God’s plan for them. We must always remember this when we talk about the church.

…to be continued HERE !

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  2. A great deal of truth but we must remember how Christ spoke to the church in Ephesus, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis and Laodicea – they were not unconverted (although false converts may well have been present among them). This relates not just to that era recorded in Revelation, but throughout the entire church era. We see the Church up and down throughout history, but God has kept her alive and revived her. Of Course God is in control and the bride of Christ will be presented beautiful before Him (final consummation), but the church is not always as faithful as we may always think and believe. Thank God for HIS faithfulness and grace Who relentlessly keeps each one of us until He’s completed what He began.

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