Persecution – Here is how you can avoid it!

(In DEUTSCH hier!)

„Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution“  (2Tim. 3:12)

Sinclair Ferguson says on this point:

Christians are persecuted for the sake of righteousness because of their loyalty to Christ.

Real loyalty to him creates friction in the hearts of those who pay him only lip service.

Loyalty arouses their conscience and leaves them with only two alternatives; follow Christ or silence him.

Often their only way of silencing Christ is by silencing his servants. Persecution in subtle or less subtle forms is the result.

Here is how many are trying to avoid it:

  1. Start laughing at the world’s humor.
  2. Dress like the world dresses. Enjoy the world’s entertainment so that your conscience is dull.
  3. Stay quiet when the name of God and Christ are mocked. Just keep that to yourself.
  4. Act like all religions lead to heaven, especially Catholicism and Mormonism. Just go along with that.
  5. Don’t mention hell to an unbeliever.
  6. Don’t draw any moral judgments.
  7. And above all, don’t share your faith.

If you can follow that formula, you can probably navigate through and avoid persecution.  (Don Green) 

„Yea, and all that will liue godly in Christ Iesus, shall suffer persecution“  (2Tim. 3:12)

The real tragedy for us is why we see (yet) so little of it in our countries…

Über Jesaja 66:2

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