Timeless and Unchanging Power of The Gospel

TIMES HAVE CHANGED, culture has changed; we change. Our generation is easily bored and the only stimulus that gratifies our modern culture is the constant shift of technology, entertainment, the continual morphing vogues and trends and get-rich-quick schemes with the least strain. All these aspects point to an insatiable thirst as the world tenaciously pursues its mirage.

Just as with the renowned Greek philosophers in the New Testament era, who despised the foolishness of a ‘weak’ Gospel, so lies the same mentality with our age but for the exception that modern society deems the Gospel as history just like any other ‘insignificant’ period that is tediously studied under a compulsory curriculum.

Without dispute, 21st Century civilisation stands on – and continues to add to – a plethora of groundbreaking discoveries and advancement. We have transcended what that mastermind, Leonardo Da Vinci – five centuries ahead of his own era – designed, and for it was labelled a madman.

We have changed our appearance, have built instruments that gaze and explore beyond our world, but just as with the fact that our planet constantly spins at the velocity of 1000 mph, travelling at 90,000 mph through orbit 365 days a year, is unchangeable by fixed laws – so we remain the same in our natures as human beings. No matter what apparel we wear, what credit we give unto ourselves for our progress and no matter what we adhere to in our belief of ‘evolving’ thus far, we still remain guilty of a bias and inward bent that enthrones independence of God, loves darkness rather than light and will ruin and inhibit others – even to taking the life of another – in order to ‘succeed’.

Despite the rapidity, we can now travel from one place to another; the lightning speed of technology at our very fingertips, along with our ‘conclusive’ studies of human psychology, we are still at a loss as to how we should conduct our lives in a way that is fitting to the original purpose we were created for. Despite all our moralistic code of ethics, we are still at war and strife with others. Humanity in general can tame the animal kingdom while failing to exercise self-control that prevents from harming itself and others.

Just as God never changes, can never become less or more omnipotent, neither is bound by the past, present or future – Who has no beginning or end – so the timeless and unchanging power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ will unceasingly remain the only remedy and hope of mankind. It is the only power that will change and repair our fallen natures.

As well as the undeniable historicity of Jesus Christ, the evidence that He physically rose from the dead and rules at the right hand of God in heaven is manifest throughout the body of Christ, which continues to stand valiantly and victoriously through two millennia of acute and grave opposition. The power and sustenance lies not in the strength of the Church itself but in Jesus Christ Who irrevocably proceeds to build it to completion, thus continuing to openly thwart and shame the powers of greatest darkness whose chief aim is to prevail against it.

The Church has, does and will stand. Her proclamation of the Gospel will continue to go in the strength and surety of God’s same power that was manifest in Christ’s death and resurrection. The substitutionary atonement and death of Christ was deemed to be God’s weakest display to the spiritually undiscerning, but in actuality demonstrated God’s most powerful act manifested before the eyes of humanity and principalities. “For the foolishness of God is wiser than men and the weakness of God is stronger than men” (1 Corinthians 1:25). Weak and irrelevant as the gospel may seem in our day and age, John von Muller splendidly stated, “The Gospel is the fulfilment of all hopes, the perfection of all philosophy, the interpreter of all revolutions, the key of all seeming contradictions of the physical and moral worlds; it is life – it is immortality.”

The Gospel’s relevancy abounds above and beyond for every chapter of humanity’s history and future. No power in all of creation shall ever become immune to it, whose power not only cleanses the sinner from the guilt of sin but also the power of it; it is the dynamism to genuine inward reform.

While God makes no mistakes, and in that He created man and woman with free will – to obey or disobey, He has provided the only and best remedy to reconcile His grandest and prodigal creation unto Himself: the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the very power of God unto salvation (Romans 1:16).

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