As there have been several responses regarding our recent blog and Al Martin’s sermon (A Warning to professing Christians), we got another of his messages of 2008 regarding a most unpopular topic – Modesty and the Gospel.

In days when churches – even conservative churches – are more and more trying to become as similar to the world as possible in order become „acceptable“ and „attractive“ in the eyes of the world and of unbelievers, it is most important to remind ourselves that the church is not of this world, that it is a counter-culture, as different as it can be, reflecting God’s standards in contrast to the world’s.

Augustine said,

„Wrong is wrong even if everybody is doing it, and right is right even if nobody is doing it.“

Thomas Brooks wrote about Augustine’s moral convictions,

„Cyrian and Augustine draw up this conclusion: that superfluous apparel is worse than whoredom, because whoredom only corrupts chastity, but this corrupts nature…”

And modern-day Paul Washer adds,

„Radical Christians are those who do not dress sensually in order to show off their bodies. If your clothing is a frame for your face, God is pleased with your clothing. If your clothing is a frame for your body, it’s sensual and God hates what you’re doing.“

Are you courageous enough to listen to Al Martin’s honest, biblical reminder?

Get the sermon as audio file (mp3) HERE!

Get it as text file (pdf) HERE!

…and follow the series on Christian modesty HERE!


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