Warning to Professing Christians (Mt. 7:21)

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Warning to Professing Christians is one of those messages you won’t hear in most churches that dot the landscape of Christianity today.

Albert N. Martin delivers a convicting exposition of Matthew 7:21, a verse that I have wrestled with countless times (and still do). I’d also venture to say most readers have also been challenged by this verse at some point in their walk.

With that said, I not only recommend this sermon, but I also submit that this needs to be heard by those who give us the most resistance (like those who sit under such teachers as Robert Schuller, Perry Noble, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, etc.).

If you won’t listen to us (because we’re all just a bunch of prude “Pharisees”), perhaps you may give this sermon a chance and heed the warnings contained within.

Although this sermon was delivered in 1994, it is just as apropos–if not more–today!

One of my favorite quotes from this sermon is in response to those who hide behind their sins with the excuse “nobody’s perfect.” Albert N. Martin says:

This is the hypocrites couch; this is the believer’s bed of thorns.

He also asks this cutting question in regards to Christians and their worldliness:

When you’ve got to suck at the world’s fountains for fulfillment, where in the world are you?

Dowload the audio sermon (mp3) HERE!

or get the manuscript (pdf) HERE!

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  2. I Must listen to this. I heard him preach many years ago; very convicting…or should I say – very truthful; a gem that has been lost in our pulpuits today. Great that you’re posting this, thank you.

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