Resting in the Sovereignty of God

Charles H. Spurgeon (1834-92)

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“I am sure there is no more delightful doctrine to a Christian, than that of Christ’s absolute sovereignty.

I am glad there is no such thing as chance, that nothing is left to itself, but that Christ everywhere hath sway.

If I thought that there was a devil in hell that Christ did not govern, I should be afraid that devil would destroy me, If I thought there was a circumstance on earth, which Christ did not over-rule, I should fear that that circumstance would ruin me.

Nay, if there were an angel in heaven that was not one of Jahweh’s subjects, I should tremble even at him. But since Christ is King of kings, and I am his poor brother, one whom he loves, I give all my cares to him, for he careth for me; and leaning on his breast, my soul hath full repose, confidence, and security.”

taken from: The Saviour’s Many Crowns, Sermon No. 281, October 30th, 1859.

published by Eric T. Young

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