Is Allah identical with the God of our Bible?

Reasons why we oppose Allah as name for Yahweh God

from Al Gharib

„The following is the list of reasons why we oppose the use of Allah as term for God, whether as a proper name or a common one or whatsoever:

  1. Theologically, Allah as described in the Quran, can’t be possibly the same as God of the Bible. Instead it matches perfectly the devil as described in the Bible. Why would we lower our God’s name to such an abominable name of cursed creature. What would any Christian feel if some other ignorant of English Christian and refer to God as Lucifer, Abaddon, Zeus… Wouldn’t we feel offended? That is how we feel when a person call God, Allah. We feel insulted and our God’s name has been dishonored!
  2. Allah is a type of Baal and Zeus in the Bible. Those terms have been avoided by the prophets, scribes and early translators of the Septuagint. Baal was even condemned and rejected by God Himself, although it means Master and Husband, two attributes that are proper for God. It was rejected because of the context of its use as a proper name for a heathen god. For similar reasons (which are actually worst) and out of the same principles, the name Allah is to be rejected also. It is to be rejected because it is too Islamic. Whether Allah might be genuinely the contraction of al-ilaah (the-deity) or one of the possible derivations of the verb alaha (to deify), that is not so important but only a second class issue. The most important thing is the context of the use of the term and what does it mean to the majority and what is the first thought come to the mind of a listener while the term is used in communication. If we insist to keep using it so each time we communicate with others we should define it according to our use of it and that is absolutely not practical at all. Besides, what would a Christian feel if some of us would call God by names like Buddha, Krishna, Shiva, Matsu…? Wouldn’t that be repulsive and abominable?
  3. From the Islamic teaching, it is obvious and crystal clear that Allah is the reflection of the spirit of the antichrist. A destructive force, which aim is to make and keep people blind and hostile toward the Gospel. Can we say that Jesus is the Son of the antichrist? Isn’t that a contradiction and heresy?
  4. Linguistically, there is a general misunderstand regarding the term allaah (Allah), which is a proper name of a specific god and al-‚ilaah (the-god), which is a generic name, applicable both for false gods and the true God. It takes a lot of study to be able to distinguish between the similarities and the differences between those two terms. It is a waste of time and energy to educate every Christian to come to a place where s/he can understand the technical difference. Wouldn’t it be easier to just use the term al-‘ilaah which clear and undisputable and leave allaah to the Muslims? Afterward, Allah has never been used in the original languages as term for God, not even once. So why to bother?
  5. In the Hebrew Bible, the word Allah is explicitly used to refer to oak trees. So why should we insist in using it and mixing up our God’s name with oaks? Wouldn’t that cause a stumbling block to Christians who try to study the Bible in Hebrew and where taught, formerly or later, that Allah is God’s name? Notice the fact that both Hebrew and Arabic language are both from the same family languages, both are Semitic.
  6. Etymologically, the name of Allah has been originated and deeply rooted in paganism and there is no clear evidence to link it to God or one of his generic Semitic names. Why should we try to force it to be so? Isn’t that a twisting of truth and a rope that can be used by other enemies of the Bible and its God to give them a chance to accuse Christianity of being originated from paganism?
  7. The biography of Muhammad, his life and circumstances, give us clear evidence that Allah is a fabricated god, which was created according to Muhammad’s desires and molded in the form of the demonic spirits that were possessing him. Allah is a mere idol like any other man made idols, except it was not made out of material things, but out of imaginations and ideas. Is God a man made god or is He the God who made man? If He is our maker, so He can’t possibly be a creativeness of a hallucinated man.
  8. Historically and according to its own law, Allah and it religion of Islam have been a force of destruction and violence, throughout the last 1400 years and continuing to do the same throughout the world. Allah’s entrance to the churches has been always a disaster and a source of weakening. Wouldn’t it be wise to at least try something else and see what would happen?
  9. Statistically, Allah is a too Islamic term. Its use has always served Islam and Islam alone. It has never served the spread of Christianity in the Muslim dominated world, but vise versa. Most, if not all, of supposedly Christians, who converted to Islam, have been thought by their church leaders that Allah is God. Separating Allah from God, wouldn’t it help many not to fall into the temptation of looking for a ‘replacement’ religion and turning to a substitute rather that pressing on forward toward Jesus Christ, the only way, the truth and the life, which they need?
  10. In demonology, Allah and its number is key name to invoke while calling upon demons. Its demonic attributes clearly show that the person behind it is indeed the devil. The name Allah in itself is strongly related to Satan, Haylel in the OT and Abaddon in the NT. Such terms were and should never be used for God so does Allah, which is just another masqueraded form of theirs. What would anyone of us feel if a brother, a friend or a son would call us by the name of an unclean animal or by an insult? Even if we foreknow that the person didn’t mean to offend and disrespect us, would we be happy about it inside?
  11. Technically, the use of Allah by both Christians and Muslims causes cross communication and confusion among people and leads them to fall into making false conclusions. Is it our role as Christians to expose the devils schemes as the Bible (Eph.5:11) urges us or tolerate and spread a lie among ourselves and others?
  12. In evangelism and witnessing to Muslims, avoiding the use of the name Allah is a wise tactic to indirectly and clearly communicate to them that we do not worship the same God and that we do not recognize their Allah as a true God. This tactic would help avoiding some arguments over the issue from one side and perhaps raise Muslims curiosity to ask why we don’t use the term Allah from the other.
  13. Tactically, Christians have failed to evangelize the Muslim world for centuries, especially because they were copying from their style. Wouldn’t be worth to try some new methods, one of them is by using more specific, scientific and modern terminologies, which differ from the Islamic ones and perhaps can be better and more effective in communication and sharing the Gospel powerfully. Replacing Allah by some other term can be one of the main most powerful elements to improve our rational tactics to evangelize Arabs and Muslims.
  14. For converts from Islam to Christ and especially in defense of their new faith, avoiding the term Allah can spare them from some troubles and trials, explicitly vis-à-vis the so called blasphemy laws. If converts would deny that Jesus is the Son of Allah (the Muslims god), they wouldn’t be denying their faith but affirming it. Since Allah is not the true God, so Jesus is not its son either. This kind of tactic based on choosing their terminologies very carefully is very identical to what Jesus and the Apostles (i.e. Paul) used in their self-defenses in front of the leaders and authorities. Such tactic is actually hanging the enemy with its own rope. When a convert confesses that He is a Christian and denies that Jesus is the son of Allah, wouldn’t he be shaking the foundations of the Muslims beliefs beyond what they could expect and putting them behind the bars as accusies and causing them embarrassment in front of the audience? Lets also be aware that 3isa of the Quran is not the same as Jesus Christ of the Bible. Besides, Jesus’ name in Arabic is Yasu3 (Yeshua/Iasous), not 3isa (3esaw/Esau) which refers to the patriarch of the Edomites.
  15. Summary: Getting rid of the term Allah would cause absolutely no damage to Christianity, but rather helps refine at least one corner of the Christian Church and clean it from traditions of men which have sucked it into a long period of stagnation and deadliness. We are otally convinced that such move can be a blessing to the Church and a gain. Meanwhile, all the lost will be poured upon Islam by isolating its god and therefore exposing its falsehood. This can be a chance for us to effectively apply Jesus law of binding and loosing (Mat.18:18) and a beginning to pull out weeds from the field in preparation for the greatest ever harvest of souls among the Muslims and Arabs so that many may come out from Satan’s captivity and become full members of His Kingdom (Mat.13:37-43). It is all gain for us, those whom have been called to be God’s children and a lose for the enemy, Islam and the demonic powers behind it! If none of those reasons would have been able to convince or challenge you to seriously consider the matter, then we would to hear from you and ask you to give us a detailed explanation why you object and still insist that Allah is a valid name for God, Yahweh Elohim of the Bible. And may the God of truth and all wisdom lead us all to do what is best for the spread of the Gospel of His Son among the Arabs and Muslims.”

(quoted from: Al Gharib in:

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